Funding The Future


Careful selection of high-caliber renewable energy projects, directed by leading domain experts.


A comprehensive vetting process, addressing a project’s financial, tax, legal, governance, compliance and insurance strategy.


Meticulously define a project’s ultimate holding structure to meet investor needs.


Leveraging blockchain technology to increase availability, distribution, and liquidity of assets.

End-to-end platform

Going beyond traditional project financing

At Novasec, our mission is to create the next generation of funding. Our investment platform combines the renewable energy sector with the efficiency of digital securities, providing investors transparency, liquidity, lower-risk and competitive returns.

Novasec’s focus on renewable energy stems from its strong growth potential. With 137 countries committed to reducing from 80 to 90 percent of carbon, the landscape is ripe for a change in how we power the world. With renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels and the number of state subsidies and feed-in tariffs decreasing, there is opportunity for private investors to gain access to attractive projects that were previously available only to large scale institutional investors.

We are bringing renewable energy investing into the 21st century, by developing a platform for financing renewable energy projects through a private placement to accredited global investors.

The Novasec end-to-end platform manages the entire investment process with the goal of maximizing returns and minimizing risk. Crucially important is our ability to locate the right projects for investors. We conduct in-depth due diligence, establish the legal and tax structure for each project we agree to finance and make sure that a capable local development team is in place. Then, we set the fundraising and distribution strategy, creating a smooth, efficient, and transparent operation. The access we offer to projects, and the potential for competitive return on investment for low-risk operations, generates key benefits for accredited investors.

The Novasec team is made up of experienced industry professionals who have previously worked for top firms in financial services and renewable energy. This deep and broad expertise enabled Novasec to build this unique platform for the benefit of its partners and investors.