Our Mission

Novasec’s end-to-end investment platform enables qualified investors to invest in large-scale renewable energy projects. We structure and vet potential opportunities to offer investors low-risk, attractive investment opportunities. Our investors can choose to register their investments as digital securities to benefit from a secure, transferable instrument.


Structuring a genuine investment opportunity while eliminating most risk factors


The Novasec team locates high caliber and attractive renewable energy projects.


We perform comprehensive project vetting, assessing the financial, tax, legal, governance, compliance, technical and insurance strategies and implications.

Deal Structure

Each project is structured to meet investors’ needs and requirements.

Investment Strategy

Fundraising via regulated private placement, with an option to hold the investment in digital form, offering increased tradability.


Investing with Impact

We focus on renewable energy to drive impact investment opportunities that offer great returns to investors in this massively growing sector.

Renewable energy has become a viable and favorable alternative to fossil fuels. The changing point can be attributed to The Paris Agreement, signed in 2016, with world leaders representing 195 nations coming to joint consensus on the necessity of stopping climate change and reducing global carbon dioxide emissions.

Another factor contributing to the change in preference, is the continuous advancement in renewable energy system technologies which has enabled grid parity to become the reality in many parts of the world.


The Novasec Opportunity

Novasec creates a unique opportunity for private and small-to-medium institutional investors to gain access to prominent projects that were previously available only to large-scale institutional investors.

State subsidies, feed-in tariffs and utility PPAs are decreasing, leading renewable energy developers to search for new financing alternatives for the merchant market-based projects.

We place the utmost importance on locating the right projects for our investors. We conduct in-depth due diligence, establish the legal and tax structure per project we select. Then, we set the fundraising via regulated private placement and our investors are given the option to hold the investment in a digital form. All in the aim to generate key benefits for our accredited investors.

End-To-End Platform

Novasec's investment platform enables qualified investors to actively participate in the financing of large-scale renewable energy projects. Our investors have the choice to register their investment in a digital form, benefiting from the advantages this secure instrument offers:

Tradability & Liquidity

Access to global markets anytime, anywhere


Flexibility to sell only part of your investment

Fully Compliant & Regulated

Fully regulated and automatically complies with regulations in every jurisdiction


Trading data is readily available to all market participants

Hybrid Product

Combines different financial instruments in a single unit

Fully Automated

Compliance, distributions & settlements are automated

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

One-click transfers

Minimal Transaction Costs

Transfer costs are no longer a barrier